Supporting Teenage Mothers

Sadly, defilement and rape are all too common in Kenya.  Often involving family members, close friends, or members of the community.

Girls can see pregnancy as a route out of the slums but find themselves abandoned by their families and communities once pregnant, perpetuating their destitution.

Girls placed at Kujali are given thorough check-ups to ensure that they and their unborn babies are healthy and, where necessary, given the care that they need to return to health.

We also work with the girls during their confinement to prepare them for both motherhood and their futures.  Our housemothers teach the girls basic skills such as cooking and sewing and get them involved in our vegetable garden so that they learn how to provide for themselves.

Where the girls are still in school we support their ongoing education during their pregnancy.  After giving birth the girls can continue their schooling, the babies being looked after in our Baby Unit.

When the mothers and babies are ready we work to reintegrate them with their families or communities.  Whilst the period for which the girls can stay at Kujali is limited by the Children Act 2022 to six months, this can be extended by the Courts.