Data Protection Statement

This Data Protection Statement provides information about how Kujali Children’s Centre (‘Kujali’) collects, stores, and uses personal data relating to individuals (data subjects) using this website. This Data Protection Statement relates to personal data received by Kujali where data subjects contact, request information from, or provide information to Kujali directly, and personal data received by Kujali indirectly.

It does not apply to data collected as a part of the delivery of our Child Welfare Programmes, which are covered by the Children Act 2022 and the National Standards For Best Practices In Charitable Children’s Institutions.

Who we are?
Kujali is an NGO, specifically a Charitable Children’s Institute, registered in Kenya (NGO OP.218/051/98195/1397), for the delivery of services to abandoned babies and disadvantaged children in Kenya.

Contact Details
Kujali is the controller for the personal data it processes. You can contact Kujali on +254 741 828946 or by e-mail at

Processing of Personal Data by Kujali 
Kujali collects personal data for several different purposes, including the following:

  • Processing requests through the Contact Us page of this website
  • Processing donations to Kujali
  • Analysis of the performance of this website
  • Storage of data in Cookies to facilitate the performance of this Website and enhance the user experience

What Personal Data Does Kujali Process?
As set out above, Kujali processes personal data. This includes personal data received by Kujali where data subjects contact, or request information from, Kujali directly, and personal data received by Kujali indirectly.

The personal data that we process includes (i) basic personal information, such as a data subject’s name / surname; (ii) contact information, such as a data subject’s email address and IP address; and (iii) any other personal data that is provided to Kujali during the performance of its functions.

Sensitive data
Kujali does not processes special category data through its website.

Disclosure to third parties
Personal data collected by Kujali is held confidentially and is not shared by Kujali with any third parties.

How Long Does Kujali Retain Personal Data? 
The retention periods for personal data held by Kujali are based on the requirements of the data protection legislation and on the purpose for which the personal data is collected and processed. For example, in the case of complaints, Kujali will retain personal data (as contained in its case file) for as long as necessary for the handling of the complaint and for any subsequent action that is required.

The retention periods applied by Kujali to personal data that it processes are also, in certain circumstances, based on legal and regulatory requirements to retain information for a specified period and on the relevant limitation periods for taking legal action.

Your Data Protection Rights
Under data protection law, data subjects have certain rights. The data subject rights are:

  1. The right to be informed about the processing of your personal data;
  2. The right to access your personal data;
  3. The right to rectification of your personal data;
  4. The right to erasure of your personal data;
  5. The right to data portability;
  6. The right to object to processing of your personal data; and
  7. The right to restrict processing of your personal data.

Your Right to Complain
If you have any concerns about how we process your personal data, you can contact us on +254 741 828946 or by e-mail at

Changes to our Data Protection Statement 
This Data Protection Statement is kept under regular review and is therefore subject to change.

If you have any comments or queries about this Data Protection Statement, please get in touch with us at +254 741 828946 or by e-mail at