Counselling in Slum Schools

Whilst Kujali provides services to address the issues faced by the babies and children in our care, a priority for the Kenyan Government is to prevent those issues in the first place.  Kujali delivers three Child Welfare Programmes specifically targeting prevention.

Our counselling services initially set out to give reproductive health education to young girls in schools, such as puberty, menstruation, the use of sanitary products and how to take ownership of their bodies and experiences.  The services quickly developed to include boys and to cover wider topics such as drug and alcohol abuse, peer pressure and personal care, in both group and one-to-one sessions.

The Deputy Head at one of the schools where we counsel told us “Before the counselling programme started, we had a major issue with discipline in school.  As the counselling has progressed discipline has improved, and the children seem more engaged and attentive during lessons”.