Feeding Slum School Children

Whilst Kujali provides services to address the issues faced by the babies and children in our care, a priority for the Kenyan Government is to prevent those issues in the first place.  Kujali delivers three Child Welfare Programmes specifically targeting prevention.

Our feeding programmes provide breakfast and/or lunch to over 1,000 children in three slum schools.  These are often the only food that the children get.  We also notice that some of the children taking part keep back some of the food to take back to their families.

The primary purpose of the feeding programmes is to give the children suitable nutrition, and the success of this is measured by improvement in the children’s physical development.  Equally important, however, is the improvement in attendance (the children come to school for the food but stay for the education) and in educational attainment.

The Head Teacher at one of the Feeding Programme schools said it best: “Since the Feeding Programme was established, we have seen attendance at school amongst the beneficiaries improve dramatically and, with that, an improvement in their academic results”.